Life Transitions Coaching & Reiki Energy Healing 

​​Distance Healing                                           $45.00 + tax
Even if you don't live in or near St. Paul, you can still benefit from a Reiki session by way of distance healing. Energy need not be transmitted only by direct, hands-on treatment, but can be sent over vast distances and still achieve powerful healing effects. Includes introductory phone call.

60 Minute Office Visit                                   $80.00 + tax
A full body session is a true restorative for body, mind and spirit. Begin with an intention. Then let it go while you step away from the world of thinking and doing and into the experience of being. The Reiki energy will do the rest for you.

30-Minute Office Visit                                  $50.00 + tax
Is time too short for a full one hour treatment? This mini-session was created just for you. Reiki energy will refresh and revitalize your body/mind allowing you to be alert and back into your busy day in just 30 minutes

Treatment Descriptions and Pricing

NEW CLIENT  Reiki Healing Sampler  ( One complimentary session per client. In Office Only )        
This 10 minute COMPLIMENTARY Reiki session provides an introduction to Reiki healing. I recommend it as a perfect way to experience some of the many benefits of energy healing.  Choose from these four options:  

Head & Neck - Back - Torso - Legs & Feet