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​    Sometimes life throws us a curveball. It's how we deal with it that makes the difference.
Have you been struggling with a situation in your life that you just can't seem to get beyond? Do you feel stuck, like you're in quicksand, with no way out? Are there right now? 

For me, it was the perfect storm. February 2020 kicked off with a routine mammogram that led to a diagnosis of stage 1, grade 3, triple negative breast cancer right alongside the covid-19 pandemic picking up steam all over the world. Eventhough I couldn't imagine anything worse than being told that I have cancer, my surgery was cancelled and labelled non-essential. That opened the door to 16 rounds of chemotherapy over the course of 5 months. Hearing this, I knew I had hit rock bottom. And like many humans, when backed into a corner I saw there was only one way to go and that was forward. But how?

Thankfully I had many tools in my tool basket and the most valuable one at the time was knowing that life is happening FOR ME and not TO ME. Keeping this awareness front of mind I began to plumb the depths of my psyche asking the hard questions. What is this cancer here to teach me? What have I been unconscious of that needs to have my attention? How can I heal using this experience as an ally and not an adversary? Through deep personal inquiry, meditation, dietary refinement, tapping, inviting in the help of my family, friends and the greater community, I continue to heal, to unearth and dissolve unexamined beliefs and conditioning, to become more open-hearted and compassionate and a truly better self than ever before. Crazy as it may sound to some people, this cancer journey continues to bring an abundance of blessings into my life.

It came about as a result of a routine breast health screening, something I've done numerous times in my life, always with a good outcome. But not this time.  Two days later I received a phone call from the doctor telling me they think they detected a mass in my breast and urged me to come in for additional tests. Like many women, I had had this experience before and after a redo of the mammo (not fun the first time, I would add) it would turn out to be just fine. But not this time. The mass really was there and I consented to a biopsy that day. Almost immediately I heard back from the doctor with the word I least wanted to hear... cancer, and she recommended I schedule a surgical consult right away. Right then and there I went into serious overwhelm mode. How could this be happening to me? How can I have cancer? I eat right, exercise, practice a healthy lifestyle... but there it was. I have cancer and I am terrified. I felt powerless and enraged, filled with anxiety and uncertain about my future. Can I live through this? Is this the big IT? ?? 

At that moment it seemed that life started moving very fast. For any of you who have lived through this yourselves, I know you can relate. The phone starts ringing 3 or more times a day from doctors' offices calling to schedule tests, consults and surgery. WHEW! I had landed in serious overwhelm mode. I wasn't taking advantage of my very best allies, namely all the tools at my disposal as a healer and coach or even reaching out to my own personal coach, because I dropped into my Fight, Flight or Freeze operating system big time. I was thinking with my limbic brain and my prefrontal, higher mind was shut down. I knew I had to get a handle on myself and I had to do it fast.

Then, just a week before I was scheduled for surgery, COVID-19 struck and all "non-essential surgeries" were cancelled. And my fear, anger and uncertainty about the future skyrocketed. How in the world is it possible that cancer surgery is non-essential??  I was being forced to accept what I was powerless to change.

After numerous tests and consults I got a call from the doctor advising me to start a course of chemotherapy. I don't know about you, but for me the second scariest word to hear after cancer is chemotherapy.  For an indeterminate period of time, surgery was not an going to be an option and it turns out I had an aggressive form of cancer that wasn't going to wait around for operating rooms to open back up. So after a weekend of serious soul searching I agreed to begin a course of chemotherapy. 

By now I was a couple of weeks into this major upheaval and had begun to wrap my head and heart around the situation. I was getting a powerful wakeup call. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO. YOU HELP PEOPLE. YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO IDENTIFY, CULTIVATE AND TRUST THEIR INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM SO THEY CAN MAKE POWERFUL CHOICES AND TAKE AUDANCIOUS ACTION WITH CONFIDENCE AND CLARITY. I gently coach and mentor clients with simple, effective, and repeatable tools to enhance their confidence, intentionality and accountability. And now I had been given the opportunity to work my magic on me! 

I'm not saying I thought I could go it alone. Oh no. That rugged individual concept simply isn't true. We are social beings and it takes a village to grow and support each and every one of us. So I began to   

We all have the ability to overcome whatever obstacle life throws in front of us, but some obstacles are harder than others. With the powerful alliance of the right coach at your side you'll be able to find balance and hear your own inner guidance. That is the road to living confidently and happily once more.

Thoughts are Creative. Choose them Wisely!