"Working with Robin as a Life Coach has been a very powerful and rewarding experience. This work has brought to the surface several core beliefs and unconscious habits that have been tripping me up for as long as I can remember. I highly recommend working with her. She is a very skilled, intuitive, and effective Life Coach."   SM - Santa Fe, NM

"I had been curious about Reiki for several years but hadn't found anyone I thought would do it service in teaching. I looked and looked and was enthusiastically referred by a friend to Robin. I immediately scheduled an appointment as a patient for Reiki treatments, which were also new to me, and found relief and profound change from Robin's channeling. 

I knew I had found my teacher and signed on to learn Reiki Level 1. I was so thrilled and fulfilled by the level 1 class that I signed up with Robin for level 2 a couple of months later. Every experience I have had with Robin as both a client and a student has been outstanding!   B.R. - Santa Fe​, NM

"I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the support and guidance you have given me. The perspective you have provided has helped me in many ways. And the exercise we did during the last call was transformative! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing at what you do!!"​   PH - St. Paul, MN

"In a soft and soothing manner I entered a state of blissful being. Robin exudes patience and skill required to attain this transcendent experience. I recommend  Reiki healing with her to anyone."    L.S. - Filmmaker, Santa Fe NM​​​​

"Several weeks ago I arrived at my Reiki appointment on the brink of a migraine headache. The session itself was deeply soothing and restorative and when I got off the table I felt totally better! Robin is the only bodyworker I have ever been to who successfully kept an oncoming migraine headache at bay. Wow, am I grateful!"    S.B. - Santa Fe NM   

 "Just a few months ago my business was seriously struggling. But in the 2nd  month of working with Robin, we had the best July on record since 2007. Profits are up over last year by double digits!.  After having two weeks without coaching, I definitely feel afloat.  That is a testament to the value I find in her services. There is no question I will continue."  CH - Santa Fe, NM​                                                                 

(of a Distance Healing)     
"...I had the most wonderful experience! I was doing homework with a classmate in our school library when I felt a sudden and overwhelming sense of calm and groundedness in a very tactile way. I looked at the clock and realized we hadn't talked about time zones. I'm actually really glad that the experience caught me by surprise, because there was no way for me to fabricate the sensations. I am so amazed and grateful for your gift.   V.D. - Student, Portland OR 

"Working with Robin has been truly amazing. When we met I was feeling very stuck in my business, not sure where I wanted to go with it. In the last few months things have opened up for me and every goal that I have set has come to fruition. Business has become exciting and I no longer feel stuck. It is an honor to know and work with this very talented Life Coach."
​CB - Santa Fe, NM

Life Transitions Coaching + Reiki Energy Healing