In 2017 my friend Rubina Cohen created "Success Circle™" Here is what she said about creating this special model:
 "Most networking events don't allow enough time to connect and begin relationships. This is why I launched "Success Circle™", a series of monthly POWER networking events, packed with support, education and opportunities to build relationships that will help you grow both personally and professionally."

I attended Rubina's "Success Circles" when I lived in Santa Fe and was able to cultivate many rewarding relationships. I am infinitely grateful for her support of me carrying her model to the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

I invite you to join me at Success Circle™ Minnesota!

Here is how Success Circle™ works: 

  • ​​Our focus is on recognizing and acknowledging all the successes; big, small, personal, professional, eternal or internal that we are creating. It's about real women building real relationships.
  • We begin each Circle with a chance to share something we feel successful about within the last month. Celebrating success is the heart of this gathering. And success comes in all shapes and sizes, all are welcome here.
  • We always dedicate time to personally connect with others in the Circle. Real, in-person connections feeds the spirit and enriches life. So we encourage eachother to meet for outside of Circle and get to know one another over coffee, lunch, phone chats, or whatever feels right. This is where the magic happens.
  • All members of Success Circle™ are invited to co-hostess a Circle if desired. Each co-hostess will have time to share something about their life interests or expertise that they feel will enrich the group. Each hostess has an expense of providing a light snack and beverage for the group. 
  • Success Circle™ normally runs one hour to 90 minutes. 
  • There are no fees to participate in Success Circle™. 
  • You are welcome to attend as many Success Circle™ gatherings as you wish. For those of you on the mailing list, an email invitation will be sent to you directly. RSVP is required to reserve your place.                    


​​​Join us for our Virtual Success Circle™ via video conference

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