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In 2017 my friend Rubina Cohen created "Success Circle™" Here is what she said about creating this special model:

 "I've attended many networking events where you sit, listen, give cards to the people on either side of you, and so on. Sometimes the topics are interesting. I am most grateful for the opportunity to meet people and begin a conversation that will hopefully lead to real connections. All of the referrals I have received are from people with whom I have relationships. Relationships build trust. Most networking events don't allow enough time to connect and begin relationships. This is why I launched "Success Circle™", a series of one hour monthly POWER networking events, packed with support, education and opportunities to build relationships that will help you grow both personally and professionally."

I attended Rubina's "Success Circles" when I lived in Santa Fe and was able to cultivate many rewarding relationships. I am infinitely grateful for her support of me carrying her model to the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

I invite you to join me at Success Circle™ Minnesota!

Here is how Success Circle™ works: 

  • ​​Our focus will be on successes in all life areas: personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, relational, etc.
  • The Circle opens with each of us sharing a success we had within the last month. Celebrating success is the heart of this gathering.
  • There is time dedicated to personally connect with others in the Circle. As you meet each other you will undoubtedly feel a connection with someone and are encouraged to schedule a time to meet for coffee, lunch, phone chats, or whatever feels right. This is where a lot the magic happens.
  • All members of Success Circle™ have the opportunity to host a Circle if desired.
  • Each co-host will have time to share something about their business or another aspect of their life that they feel will enrich the group. 
  • Each Circle includes a segment called Women's Wisdom when anyone in the Circle can ask a question of the group and all are welcome to share their insights and experience in answer to the question.
  • We finish with a brief closing ceremony to anchor our connection and support the relational field that we have cultivated.
  • Success Circle™ normally runs one hour to 90 minutes. 
  • There are no fees to participate in Success Circle™. Each host has an expense of a light snack and beverage.
  • You are welcome to attend as many Success Circle™ gathering as you wish. An RSVP email will be sent monthly for each Circle.                   

​​​Join us for the next Success Circle™ Monday, December 16, 2019

6:00 - 7:30pm

To be added to the invitee list, sign up HERE