About Robin & Radiant Dawn

I completed my Reiki Master Teacher Certification  in the summer of 2014 incorporating some Shamanic and Angelic Reiki into my practice. At this point I had created a successful practice offering Reiki Energy Healing treatments and classes, and was serving both my local and a growing out of state client base. Although I was delighted to have become a successful Reiki Master, I knew I was ready to take my work to the next level.

It was then I went on to complete my training in the fall of 2016 as a  Certified Life Coach with a specialty in LOVE YOUR LIFE Mindset Mastery. Combining the skill and knowledge of a certified coach with the subtle and powerful tools of an energy healer has brought about a unique method to guide my clients in navigating transitions in their lives as they manifest greater levels of:

  • Emotional Resilience
  • Vibrant Health 
  • Abundance Consciousness
  • Mental Clarity and Brilliant Focus
  •  Satisfying Relationships
  • Business Success
  • Living from the Heart

   Like so many people, I had searched for the answer to this question for quite some time. Then, one bright afternoon in Santa Fe New Mexico, the answer came clear as a bell. I was doing a healing and was able to fully experience the sacredness of that moment. That was when I knew; THIS is my purpose. I am here to  bring balance, hold space, evolve, grow and support the health and wellbeing of all with whom I am blessed to work.

I am a Healer - Coach - Mentor

             ​I began this sacred journey in 1995 with the study of Jin Shin Do.  It was in these classes I first saw how the body  can go from a state of energy blockage and stagnation to energy flowing and brimming with health. As I practiced these techniques I watched my patient's breathing deepen, how their heart rates slowed, how tension and stress in their muscles dissolved and an overall harmony and balance was restored to their physical bodies. By rebalancing our energy flows, the body responds immediately to the good. I was enamored, empowered and hungry to know more.

   In the spring of 2008 I was initiated into the Usui method of Reiki healing.​ In addition I trained in two distinct but related forms of breath work; pranayama yoga and rebirthing and completed  clairvoyant training  to enhance my ability to "see and experience" the energy and messages held in the physical, emotional and etheric body. 

Life Transitions Coaching + Reiki Energy Healing